Privacy Policy

Last updated: 5/15/2021

What information is being collected/tracked by technology?

  1. We collect information where we/you place our pixel 
  2. We collect navigation behavior on your website where you 
  3. place a unique pixel is placed 
  4. We collect navigation behavior on the website where you place 
  5. a unique pixel is placed 
  6. Name of the website visitor 
  7. Geographic location of where they were when they 
  8. visited 
  9. Business email 
  10. DOB 
  11. Job title 
  12. Personal LinkedIn URL 
  13. Personal email 
  14. Cell phone 
  15. Company of the visitor 
  16. Company domain 
  17. Company address 
  18. Company phone 
  19. Company LinkedIn URL 
  20. Naic code of company 
  21. SIC code of company 
  22. We also append every employee that works at this company providing the same information as website visitor 
  23. Employee count 
  24. Estimated Revenue 

How do we share the information with the client?

We provide the information to clients in the following ways:

  1. Inside our self serve Portal - CSV file export. 
  2. Through our public API. 
  3. Through our Zapier integration. 

Does the privacy policy cover just the website and or their products (SiteVisitor and Inmarket Intent Data)? 

The privacy policy ONLY covers visitors to the domain and does ​NOT​ cover their products (SiteVisitor and InMarket Intent Data). Our Privacy Policy was written by the legal team with and strictly for the benefit and should not be used as a model, an example or be construed as legal advice or recommendation.  Every company must confer with their legal team to determine the proper privacy policy. 

How is the client data that collects protected? 

All data collected by is encrypted both in transit and at rest.  We have strict access control policies to prevent unauthorized users (including unauthorized employees and contractors) from being able to access your data. 

Does share it or use client data with anyone outside of the client ? does ​NOT​ use or share client data with anyone outside of the client or who they designate in writing. 

How does encrypt the data?  

All data transfer occurs using industry standard TLS encrypted stored (encryption at rest) using modern public key encryption standards. Encryption keys are securely stored using AWS KMS. Data 

Does store client PII data? 

Your data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access in transit and at rest.  It is hosted using various services through AWS (and/or other equivalent public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud) including Amazon S3, RDS and further secured against unauthorized access with IAM policies. 

When a client terminates the agreement, what is Iiintent’s data retention period?  

We encrypt and store your data for 6 months then destroy it. While it’s being stored we have strict access control policies to prevent unauthorized users (including unauthorized employees and contractors) from being able to access your data​. 

Does destroy the data after a certain period of time? destroys the data after 6 months 

Would you be able to provide a list of the cookies you’ll place on our website through that tracking pixel? would be willing to share information presale, but will require an NDA be signed before disclosure. 

Is there any way for us to test out the pixel and the tracking on our staging environment? 

Your account’s tracking pixel may be used interchangeably in a staging and production environment.  If you wish to use a separate pixel for staging/testing purposes, please contact your account manager for assistance 

How does this work with CCPA ? 

 First and foremost ​Every​ company, ​whether or not they do business with, MUST​ become CCPA compliant.  

CCPA is a consumer every company must give the consumer...not businesses...who visit their website...the ability to opt out. does ​NOT​ offer services directly to consumers therefore we are not subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act.  CCPA compliance is the responsibility of the website owner. We don't provide legal advice or information so please consult your legal counsel. 

How does this work with GDPR? 

We only resolve US identities so ​GDPR​ doesn’t apply to us 

Contact Information

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